Saturday, September 17, 2016


Okay, this blog title is ridiculous.

I know that fully well.

But how do you blend Summer and Fall into a catchy trendy word? For all the words I am good at writing, I'm not good at catch phrases. I delight in hearing all my families fantasy football names because they are so witty and clever! I could sit here and list them all, but that'd be silly. Plus my memory fails me often. I can tell you my favorite might be "Discount Belicheck" - way better than when I played and my team was simply called Sheri's Boyfriends. Until they lost one year and then they became Sheri's ExBoyfriends with Sam the Eagle as their mascot. Ha! :)

Anyywayyys. I want to do better at writing and sharing in this space. I do have a hope that sometime in the near future I can have a new site that encompasses all of my hand lettered adventures as well as a branch off of my personal blog & RI love. I really want to share more about my local discoveries within the state. I absolutely love this state, have always been in love with trying new places and then I love to send everyone in the direction I came from, because sharing is the joy in my heart.

There's so many memories I want to share here. My desire is to start posting here more and less on my Facebook and Insta. I want this to be a catalog of my life and experiences and in a space that I don't have to compete for attention like you have to do on those social media sites.

Okay, so the moral of the story is I need to post more and aside from my HP post last week, I haven't updated you since Analog August.

So mid-August through now has been quite exciting and beautiful and all the good things.

I mentioned that we made an amazing new friend at the concert earlier this month (Eric Hutchinson, Matt Nathanson & Phillip Phillips). Well, this friend came over at the end of August. We ate pizza on my deck at my new patio set & drank wine and just shared all about our life and loves. Then we ventured over to Providence's own Waterfire. It was lovely!! I just love seeing a community of people come out and sit together around some quiet music, gondolas, and some fire. We watched this flash band (can I mark that as a new thing, instead of a flash mob, when guys with tubas show up out of nowhere and have a mini jam session?) and it was so great!!! Came back and ate dessert with wine and it was just the most perfect night!

Aug 20 - Starry Starry Night

I also got to make it to a Pawsox game at McCoy Stadium (in Pawtucket where it belongs and needs to stay thankyouverymuch). It had been on my summer to do list, so CHECK! I was so grateful my friends asked, it was the most perfect night for a baseball game!!! There was hot dogs and ice cream and gosh, I just love McCoy!! It was the best!

August 24 - McCoy Always has the best sunset skies!

Other remarkable things to note, sunny days in the pool with my littles (nephews) tossing a football and making up games. Surprising my friend for her birthday with goodies, Root Beer floats and a movie with a friend, discovering Trader Joes flower bouquets (i MAY have spent a small fortune, whatevs), Breakfast and the Hope St Farmers Market with my mama. Finishing reading Harry Potter during the Harry Potter Hurricane (Hermine), Farmers Market and brunch at Duck and Bunny and pop up shopping on Wickiden St with a few favorites, laughing with my grams and the ladies in the nursing home, and a few blissful nights of sitting under the stars with friends.

Lettering Love. Eep!
Hermione & Hermine, BEST DAY
This past month has been so beautiful. I feel a little boastful to share all of these things. But I don't boast for my glory but I boast because this is all God. All of these moments and so many more that would take forever to list here. It has taken 3 long long years to step to this place and finally open my heart to this new life and it's so wonderful.

Hydrangeas in one of the only things of my grams I own *heart eyes*

In my spiritual life God has been doing a number. Acceptance and Forgiveness have been working their way through and that's so amazing because I never thought I'd be able to get to this point. ESPECIALLY the forgiveness part. Because, you guys, that's stinkin hard! I have no desire to hold onto the past and by harboring unforgiveness in my heart, a piece of the past stays with me and holds me down. I know the past will always be with me. Maybe I'm romanticizing the past by saying I just want to look back with misty eyes and say thank you. Because the past paved my way to where I am today. All of it. I've finally realized as of late, that in my heart there's this part that holds love. Not a crazy infatuated or desperate love. Nah. But a small sweet piece of thankfulness and goodness and the truth that says those lies from the past few years that said none of it was true, well, it was all a lie. It was true. It was real. It was what it was and it wasn't perfect, but it was the perfect catalyst to my today and my tomorrows and I hold an immense amount of gratitude for it all.

My Flowers Matched The Half Blood Prince! 
Crafty Birthday Desserts :)

I will share more on all of this soon, I promise. But right now I need to go have a dance party to the new Eric Hutchinson album. ;) Catch ya later dudes!

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